This band is a partnership based on friendship and mutual respect towards each other(and it lacks of any further interests) whose main activities are treating the sounds kindly, arranging them into a system, call them forth in different rhythms, acquiring and performing them. Any kind of band can play any kind of music.

The music of Fabula Rasa is nurtured by the Hungarian and other nations’ folklore, moreover from any kind of genre which bears true values and which is admired by the members (for example the classical music from Gesualdo to Bartók, the jazz, the pop genres, beats, and improvisations which cannot be put in a genre). The band does not make the cover of original folklore songs. They make their own music. The members still believe in that music makes everyone stronger, it can heal and it can more easily deliver messages to the Heart and to the Soul. That is why the band sets poems to music.

But they are sure that without the Receivers they would not achieve anything, and they honestly respect the Audience for the opportunity with their whole heart.