The concert is about one and a half – two hours long.

The band performs their new album ’Hűhó’ (’Storm in a Teacup’) with outstanding quality. Accompanied by string section, wind band and percussion. This is an extraordinary world music orchestra. Thanks to the formation, during the concert we can hear chamberlike sounding, smoothly and enjoyably tingling, dreamy songs, and then playing in tutti, the audience can experience something powerful, vital and cathartic. The wind band is flourishing the trumpets, which energizes the audience, the string section is filling our hearts with emotions, the percussions are rumbling in the base just like the gentleman behind the drums… And the MUSIC itself is nurtured by the beautiful music of the folks living in the neighbouring countries (Balkan, Roman, Bulgarian, Gypsy) or even thousands of kilometres far (Celtic). This is also influenced by modern idea, elements of the popular music, and the use of modern effects.

The songs were written and composed by Edina Szirtes, winner of the Artisjus Prize and Composer of the Year in 2012.

During the concert the band tries to show the richest and the most various world of the music. The solos help in this with their virtuosity and speciality(by using modern effect pedals) which make the event even more unique. The audience rarely can hear so talented musicians performing solo in live concerts so that the concert itself rises higher, from the entertainment of the audience, to an exceptional music event.

Or at least, this is the purpose…

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The Fabula Rasa can be booked in various formations.

Fabula Rasa (6 of the members)
Basic Orchestra with the usual sound, set-up.
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Fabula Mini-Rasa (3-4 of the members)
Acoustic trio. Up to one and half-hour acoustic concert. Upon request, we will expand a storyteller and so we are going to be a Fabulous Children’s Concert..

Orchestra (10 of the members)
More modest version of the Orchestra, but it can be heard, felt in the street party atmosphere.
The concert is about one and a half – two hours long.
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Orchestra Full Extra (16 members)
Brass, strings, percussion
The concert is about one and a half – two hours long.
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