Edina Szirtes “Mókus”

  • Graduated in2002 as a Violinist, Chamber artist and Art teacher, as a student of Ferenc Szecsődi on the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music, Conservatory of Szeged.
  • First prize in 1996 on the Dance-song festival organised by the Hungarian Television (MTV).
  • In 2006 finalist on in the American Songwriting Competition, this meant getting into the top 10 best songs among 15,000 candidates.
  • In 2006, Artisjus Award performer.
  • Winner of the ProfessionalAward onthe 2006 Fringe Festival.
  • Winner of the Grand Awardonthe 2009 Fringe Festival.
  • 2009. On the World Music Day Festival, in Pécs the European Capital of Culture, composer of the Gala Finale. Such performers played her like Csík Orchestra, György Ferenczi, Nikola Parov, Ágnes Szalóki, Mariann Falusi, Béla Ágoston, Elemér Balázs and the Fabula Rasa.
  • Winner of the Fonogram Award in 2010.
  • 2010. Composer of the 20th August National Holiday Fireworks.
  • In 2012 (24th September) according to the critics, she performed the concert of the year in the Palace of Arts (the piece called Tao Te King, composed at the request of Kriszta Kováts).
  • In 2012 grand award composer of Artisjus, this means the Popular Music Composer of the Year Award.

Continuous composer of theatre plays (Szeged Contemporary Ballet, Ciróka Puppetry, pieces from the Kováts Műhely, radio plays of the Hungarian Radio, Duda Éva Company…)

Meanwhile she composes for such performers as Zséda, Betty Balássy and Feri Varga, Nox, Mariann Falusi and her own bands (Fabula Rasa and her string quintet)..

Continuous performer at the Palace of Arts, where she worked as a composer in 2009, 2010 and 2012. (Arany-watch – from the ballads of János Arany; LaoCe: Tao Te King – in the translation of Sándor Weöres – she composed music evenings to these literature pieces.).

March this year she had an individual concert with her own band, Fabula Rasa in the Palace of Arts.

Two solo albums were released in 2012 by the Gryllus Publisher, with her own pieces, that she recorded individually on each instrument by herself.

She played as a guest artist with such performers as Gábor Presser, Mariann Falusi, Zséda, TNT, Nox…

And she performs all over the country with her own bands (Fabula Rasa, Harmonia Garden, Monamo, Blues B.R Others, her String quartet, Vidám Szívűek Társasága, Pusztaszó, etc.)

Composer of Albums:

  • Fabula Rasa: Csindratta
  • Fabula Rasa: Pörgettyű-Lankattyú
  • Mókus és a Fabula Rasa: Tesséklássék (Fonogram díj)
  • Mókus és a Fabula Rasa: Hűhó
  • Kovátsműhely: Arany-óra
  • Szirtes Edina: Mókus és a Tao
  • Szirtes Edina: Szerelmesezős