Bio. Gábor Földes

 After acquiring the basics of classical music, he gave concerts through Europe with folk bands playing Serbian, Roman and Hungarian folk music, then learning at jazz courses and at night pubs where he also performed in Hungary and in France.

The feeling and sounding of the new wave of the 80s, the soul, the funk, the jazz, the Brazilian, the Portuguese, the Spanish, the Argentinian, the Hungarian, the Balkan, the Celtic, the Gypsy and the Eastern music form and motivate him in his music.

 Inspirations: Weather Report, Gépfolklor, Arvo Part, Meshell Ndegeocello, Mitsoura,  Buddha, Mókus, N.E.R.D., Miles Davis, Nikola Parov, Kraftwerk, Makám and Kolinda…

 The bands where he played as a bass guitarist: Gőzerő, Volvox, Crystal, Jeff Porcaro Memorial Band, Fabula Rasa and Mókus projects, Imago Mundi/ Azur Blue Band, Zoltán Mága, Blues Br Brothers, Makám and Kolinda. Played as a double basser: Kurina Quartet, Storyville Dixi Band, Sámli etc.. Worked as a composer: Szeged Contemporary Dance Company, Volvox, Zséda, animated cartoons and commercials.

Interests: fighting against the sufferings of human life, mastering sounds and albums. Cycling.

 Pets: Cat, squirrel