Bio. Balázs Cserta

He was born in 1982, in Budapest, into a family blessed with musical vein. He started his studies at the Hermann László Music School in 1988.

Besides classical music, he started to play folk music in the school’s folk band, and since then he has actively taken part in various folk bands. He completed a classic clarinet course between 1991 and 2000, and after finishing the school he continued his music studies as a private student of József Balogh.

As the founding member of the Hang-Szín-Tér Big-Band (Sound-Colour-Space Big-Band), he started to play the saxophone as well. Also in that year, he started to learn to play the saxophone from Ferenc Muck and during those days he became acquainted with the jazz. He regards, besides Sonny Rollins, his first saxophone teacher as his most important inspiration. Meanwhile, he finished his studies at the Kodály Zoltán Musical Secondary School and then he was accepted to the jazz-saxophone department of The Liszt Academy of Music in which he graduated at 2008. His senior teachers were Mihály Borbély and István Elek. He also completed his studies at the folk department at the Academy as a student of Attila Csávás in 2012.

Balázs Cserta plays, besides his original instruments, the soprano-, alt-and baritone saxophone, and he is also a master of many ethnical wind instruments such as the taragot, the folk flute and the goat bagpipes.

As a member of many various bands he plays a lot of kinds of music such as folk, classical, dance or jazz, almost every sort of music genre.  An interesting part of his career that he started to contribute to the music plays of the Vörösmarty Theatre at Székesfehérvár in 2000 and since then it has been the part of his life.

Besides stage performances, he teaches playing folk wind instruments at the Hermann László Vocational and Music School, just as he does jazz-saxophone at the Hang-Szín-Tér Art School.