Bio. Balog Guszti

  • Hangszer
Guszti Balogh is a singer-guitarist who prominently represents the innovative world music and the authentic gypsy music as well. During his childhood, he grew up within Gypsy traditions in a village in Szabolcs county where music and dance were parts of the every days. His talent was soon revealed, at the age of 6 he already sang songs and played the guitar regularly.  At the age of 8, he moved to Budapest with his family where he suddenly became influenced by lots of new music pulses: he fell in love with flamenco, he could get in touch with other nations’ music, and he already loved listening to folk, rock and pop music as well. 1993-1995 Member of the Moon Theatre (Hold Színház) 1996 Won the National Talent Contest (Ki mit tud? ) with the formation called Mónika Lakatos and the Children of the Moon originated from  the Moon Theatre 1996-2000 Performing as a guest artist in many different formations and member of the Romano Trajo band which was formed by a few alumni of the Kalyi Jag School. 2001 Founding member of the band Jagalo Vurdon (known as Romengo since 2004) with which he played at many European festivals 2005 In the company of many illustrious and well-known musicians, he formed his first own band called NOMADA which introduced a new sounding within the authentic Gypsy music. 2005 Joined the Fabula Rasa 2006 Guest singer of the Kálmán Balogh and the Gypsy Dulcimer Band up to the present day 2009 Was asked to join the American-Hungarian production called Fire and Fire (Ági Szalóki, Fatima Mohamed, Béla Szakcsi Lakatos, Chris Eddleton, Fred Cash Jr., Valerie June, Imani Uzuri, Kevin Louis, DJLogic, Mazz Swift …). The production had two sold out concerts at the Symphony Space (Broadway, New York, USA) and one at the Palace of Arts. 2010 Founding member of the East Gypsy Band (Elemér Balázs, József Balázs, Tim Ries (Rolling Stones), Lajos Sárközi, Vilmos Oláh, György Orbán). With this formation he participated in many successful American, Canadian, European tours. 2011 Founding member of the VOJASA band in which they mix the characteristics of rock, jazz, blues and pop music with the fundamental features of the authentic Olah Gypsy music into a new and fascinating production.  With his main band, he performed at many successful European tours and festivals. 2013 The VOJASA represented Hungary at the WOMEX (World Music Expo – Wales, Cardiff) as the sole invited band from the country. 2013 Was invited with Márta Sebestyén to the Deep Forest’s monumental Hungarian concert. Discography 2006 NOMADA – Aven le roma 2006 Fabula Rasa – Csindratta 2007 NOMADA – Aven le roma CC Remix 2007 Balogh Kálmán Gipsy Cimbalom Band – Aven shavale 2009 Fabula Rasa – Pörgettyű – Lankattyű 2009 Fabula Rasa – Tesséklássék 2010 Balogh Kálmán Gipsy Cimbalom Band – Déli báb 2011 Fókatelep – Fokadelic 2011 East Gipsy band – Ageless message 2012 Fabula Rasa – Hűhó